On the Journey With My Chosen One!

I am sure you might wonder why I call her chosen rather than adopted.... well, adopted is just her physical condition, CHOSEN is what we both are to be a family together! God is so rich in His Blessings, and He has chosen each of us from before the time we were knit in our mother's womb to be a FOREVER family! How BIG is that? How BIG is our God!?! Thank you for following our journey and for praying for us as we wait and continue to grow in the love of God! -- Blessings!

Liliana's Verses

Matthew 17:20 - " ... For truly I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain: "Move from here to there", and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you."

Zephaniah 3:17 - The Lord your God is with you. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.

Proverbs 3:5-6 ~ Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

Jeremiah 29:11 ~ For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Love Saturdays!

Ahh! What a great Saturday it was today! We slept in late.... couldn't believe that for any of the three of us --- ok well, maybe me! :-) We got to fix our own breakfast for the first time in 4 weeks... yummy! We had to figure a few things out like washing the eggs and all..... yeah, you have to wash the eggs to prevent getting some kind of contaminant from the shell. Interesting, I know! This is why I haven't had any raw veggies or fruit.... oh, I can't wait! :-) Then we went to the Inka Market here in Lima, very nice place and it was actually quiet and no one was harrassing you to buy things on the street! We had a great time picking out things for my little one's Peruvian treasure box! This was my plan, to buy something for every year's Blessing Day gift, until she turned 18...... I don't know if we met our goal for every year, but we got close! :-)

Then we went for lunch, and they had corn on the cob..... I am not a big corn eater, but let me tell you, I gobbled that up!! It was so yummy too! Made my tummy happy.... for a little while at least! :-) Then we had a nice leisurely nap, dinner and went for ice cream! It is so funny to see my little one eat ice cream! Every bite is a shock to her! When it first hits her mouth and is so cold, she doesn't know what to do with it.... but then it starts to melt and she can taste the sweetness..... then it is all giggles and laughter.... until... the next bite! We have had ice cream several times now and it is the same process over and over again!Too funny! Poor thing, one day she'll fuss at me for posting the following picture, but there just aren't words to describe the look on her face when the ice cream first hits... it is too cute!!

So, tomorrow's plan is to visit the Larco Mar and maybe the ocean for a minute or two. :-) Then we will begin the process of re-packing everything to get ready to come home! Yay!! I am so thankful for God's provisions, His protection and His love for us! I am so thankful that I have been able to share with others what a BIG God He is! Today, while at the market, one sweet lady thanked me for what I was doing to help her country by adopting one of their children.... Wow! It is I, who am so incredibly blessed is what I told her! What a sweet comment for her to make! I do get lots of stares and questions sometimes, but each time is a reminder of how blessed I am to have this little one's laughter fill my heart! So, thanks be to God for his love and faithfulness!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting Closer!

Well, apparently I got too used to that "Peruvian Time"! Today we went to the Embassy and everything moved really fast... too fast! I had a frustrating start as I ended up having to throw out all of the things to keep my little Peruvian happy --- water, juice, pudding! I thought, "Oh great, here I am with nothing to give her to drink and we are going to sit in another 90 degree room for 2 hours!" So, my mindset and attitude weren't too good this morning! I had already had a frustrating morning with the hotel staff, here in most places it is customary for them to call a taxi for you.... apparently, this guy didn't know that and kept saying he couldn't call one for me. After somewhat politely telling him that all I needed was a phone book, I would call myself, he finally got with the program! We did end up with a great driver too! So, back to the Embassy, our appointment went along very smoothly and went really well! The Consul asked me when we were planning to return home and I explained to her that I needed to get home as soon as possible b/c my Precious Peruvian needed some more solid routine and I needed to be home in B'ham and she said "Oh!" and understood! All paperwork should be ready to go on Monday by 3:00 pm. We were sort of hoping for a little faster turn around (like TODAY) but we'll take Monday, it is what we had hoped for all along!
So, our plan is to fly out of here on Monday night late and arrive into B'ham (again PLEASE pray that all goes well with the flights!) on Tuesday around noon! We are excited to be close! We get to spend some time this weekend with the precious Austin Family who has been so good to us while we have been here this month! And, there are a few things we haven't done yet like, put our feet in the Pacific Ocean (well, I have before, but not Mom nor Liliana Pilar), visit the Larco Mar and the Inka Market! So, we still have a busy few days before leaving here! Thankfully, we are back at the IMB Guesthouse and this is one happy Mamá! We have a kitchen, place to sit and eat and living room and then a bedroom with room for each of us! Last night, I had to give my Precious Peruvian a shower (she was terrified of the water coming down) but tonight, I could give her a bath and she was happy as a clam! Mamá was happy too!
I am so thankful that all of our process is over! All we have to do is await approval from the US..... no worries here, just formality! I kind of feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders a bit! I can sit back and breathe! My Precious Peruvian has done really well the last couple of days, in spite of all of the chaos going on around her! And, we are almost home! Some things to pray for... Mamá now has a bit of what Grammie had last week! We aren't sure if it was something I drank or if it was a virus that she had, and now I have! My feeling bad is nothing compared to hers, but PLEASE pray for me to feel better soon! And, please continue to pray for us as we prepare to come home! Pray that we will enjoy our last two days here. And, PLEASE pray that we will be able to make all of our flights and that we will be home at noon on Tuesday!
Love & Blessings & Continued Prayers for all those affected by the tornadoes.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Peruvian Time Again!

Today was another one of those CRAZY days! Soon, we will be home and things can settle a bit and be in a routine! Oh, how Mamá misses her routine! I keep waiting for the bell to ring to end this class period, but it isn't there..... Mamá is really missing her schedule! Right now we live on Peruvian time! This means that you have your Dr's appointment scheduled for 10:00 am.... at a private clinic, mind you, this is an "American" clinic! We go and wait for over an hour in a room that is about 90 degrees with a 3 year old who doesn't really like the whole situation to begin with! Then, we are told that before she can see the Dr. she needs some more vaccines -- she had to have chicken pox (of which she has already had the chicken pox) the flu vaccine and the pneumonia vaccine---- thanks United States, you don't require my 3 year old to have one if she was born there, but because she is coming from a differnt country we have to have them before she gets there! Oh my! And, to the tune of about $250! While I had the money in the bank, it was not with me at the time... so poor Mom had to run to find an ATM to pay for this part! The other Office visit part was about $70. Ok--- honestly US Gov't, REALLY?!?!? I know, I know, it is best for her and a good thing to have everyone inocculated before they enter the US... but can we get a little heas's up on that?!?!?
So, on to the shots part.... did I mention before that my child is TERRIFIED of Doctors? I really mean TERRIFIED! I was barely strong enough to hold her down for the nurse to give her the 3 vaccines that she needed! Then on top of this we still had to see the Doctor! I can say this for him, he was really good, and really good with her, although she wasn't impressed! Thankfully, we made it through! We went to lunch and came back here to rest! Nothing happens fast around here, so it took almost an hour and a half to eat lunch! ---By this point we were all worn out!
I woke up from my nap, only to realize that I had to go to the ATM again for tomorrow's visit to the Embassy! Oh, the joys of living in a place where a car is a luxury! I had to walk six blocks back to where we had lunch to get to an ATM.... all they while order dinner for room service, check on a taxi for tomorrow and see about checking out of this hotel in the morning so that we can move to the IMB Guesthouse tomorrow! Craziness! :-)
Sorry if I sound like I am complaining... I don't mean to be! I am so thankful so for many things! There are frustrating things in life (usually the small stuff!) and we just have to see beyond these things! I am thankful that so far, all of my friends and family are ok --- not sure about any damage yet for some of them, but sounds like things are ok! Thank you to those of you who e-mailed me to let me know that everything was ok in our area! I am praying for those affected by the storms and have NO words for the pictures and videos that I have seen here! It is devastating! (Understatement of the century!) Please pray for our Embassy appointment tomorrow! I will have an interview, please pray for me to use some wise and polite assertiveness in letting them know that we need to get home! First of all, we need to get home so that my Precious Peruvian can finally be in one place.... HOME for a while! right now, she doesn't understand all of these changes and she is PERFECTLY unimpressed by all of the "red-tape!" Our hope and prayer is to be able to fly out of here late Monday night and be in B'ham around noon on Tuesday! PLEASE, PLEASE help pray us home! While I have loved my time here, I am ready for home! I miss my little sassy Chihuahua and CAN NOT wait to have those doggie kisses on my chin! :-) Of course, she might be PERFECTLY unimpressed that I am bringing home a little one.... you can pray for that too!
Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers in the midst of the tragedy going on around us at home! I join you in praying for these victims! And, for those of you not from the B'ham area, please pray for my sweet city! Sweet Home Alabama, I can not wait to see you again!
Blessings & Prayers!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wow! It has been a whirlwind of a week! Starting with our trip to Machu Pichu on Sunday, birth certificate on Monday, delayed flights on Tuesday and Immigration today! Wow! Are we there yet?!?!?!? Needless to say, we were EXHAUSTED by the time we got to our hotel today and we all took about a 4 hour nap! I hope we can all sleep tongiht, but I have a feeling it won't be a problem for any of us!

Today, we got her Peruvian passport! Here getting a passport is very different than home! We brought all her paperwork, gave it to the appropriate people, paid the appropriate fees and Voila! 2 1/2 hours later we had a passport! Amazing, to say the least! Anyhow, the funny thing is that the Immigration Office is in the Center of a parking garage! It just made Mom and I laugh! I laughed and told our SW how this would NEVER happen in the US! You have to have an approved appointment letter to do ANYTHING with Immigration in the US and you don't get a choice about when you go, you go when they tell you to go, etc.... she thought that was strange!:-) Well, there are some benefits to living in other countries after all! :-)

Well after a very long morning, we got some lunch and came back to the hotel to rest a bit.... we all needed a nap! We haven't left the hotel tonight! I think it is safe to say we have all been a little overstimulated the last 4 days! Tomorrow, we go to see the Embassy Doctor. PLEASE pray for this to go well! The last visit with a Dr. did not go over very well with her, so I am asking for some more prayers of resiliency!! Thank you! Also, please pray for her Visa to be done on Monday! I found out today that Friday wasn't going to be a possiblitly in being done with the Visa.... and that the earliest would be Monday, possibly even Tuesday! PLEASE pray for Monday and for some wise assertiveness on my part! They have completed other families' Visas in one day, there is no reason at all mine should take 3..... so please pray that I will be wise in my assertiveness as I politely tell them on Friday that we have flights scheduled for Monday night, and we REALLY don't need to have to change them! We have come this far, please pray that our own Embassy doesn't hold us up even longer!!! :-)

Today, I am thanking God for His wisdom and protection and some rest! I am praying with you all for all those who have had damage or loss of everything in the tornadoes from today! Someone please update me on the status of things in the Hoover/Pelham area.... I think last I heard, everything was ok, but this storm sounds like it has affected SO many! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Sorry, no pics again today.... we are at a hotel right now with really slow WiFi! We will be changing hotels on Friday.... this one has WAY BETTER WiFi and I will post some pics!
Love and Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shhhh..... Don't tell Mamá

¡Hola! Me llamo Liliana Pilar!……oops! I forgot that most of you don’t speak my heart language! That’s ok, I’ll get Mom to help me! I wanted to tell you a little bit about me, but I know Mamá has been putting lots of things in her blog already! The truth is that I am still learning my new name and well English is really hard, especially when you are still learning your own heart language! I am still getting used to the outside world. While my Caregivers loved me very, very much and did so much to prepare me to meet my Mamá, there is a whole world of new things out there that I am not sure about and don’t understand! I do love being outside and enjoy walking! But, I really don’t like it when people approach me and want to touch me. It isn’t because I don’t like people, it is just because I don’t know you and I have only known the same 6-10 people my whole life! Just getting to know my Mamá is hard for me and well, it wears me out! I do love people, but it will take me a while to show you. If I frown at you when you talk to me, I am working on a different response. Mamá doesn’t like it when I do that and she is teaching me how to say Hello to people even if I don’t want to, but that is hard too! It takes me a while to warm up to people, even children my own age. I know that they just want to play with me and love me and be my friend, but where I grew up, I had a few friends, but mostly we always had to compete for the attention of our caregivers or each other’s toys. I don’t know what it is to have my own toys. I do share really well Mamá says, especially the foods that I don’t like to eat! But, the truth is that I am still learning how to share because it is hard to share when everyone wants the same toy!
Hmmm…. Let’s see, the best way for us to know each other is for me to take my own time to warm up to you. Mamá tries to help me by telling me what’s coming next, but sometimes I just don’t understand! So, please be patient with me when I start moving out into my new world! Actually, my second new world! Mamá tells me that we’ll take a big plane and we will be on it for a while and then lots of lines and then on another plane…. It will be a very long trip to my new home! It will take me a while just to get over the trip! I don’t know much about planes, but I have been on one before when I was much younger. I just don’t know about this long distance flight….. oh I hope I get to sleep…. I bet Mamá does too!
Mamá tells me that so many people have been praying for me and love me already! While I don’t understand what all of this means, I know what love is and that so many have loved me and my Mamá for a very long time, and especially during our journey of finding each other. I know one day I will understand what this means and that I will appreciate it beyond measure! I know because everyone has prayed for me and loved me, they will all want to hold me, touch me, talk to me and do things for me. The truth is that right now Mamá is the only one that I will allow to do these things. And, right now, she is the only one that I trust enough to do them for me! (If someone could teach her to do my hair, that would be ok…. Don’t tell her I said this, but she is SLOW!!)But, because it is hard for me to get to know you, and even little one’s my age, I just need my Mamá right now. The best way for me right now is to get to know you in a comfortable environment, one at a time. I know Mamá can’t wait to take me to her school and to her church to show me off to everyone, but she and I have already talked and she understands that this might be too much for me,. So, we’ll work on it, little by little! But I know that I will soon be ready to meet everyone too!
Now, here’s the truth… Mamá is pretty new at all of this, so she will need some help, I am sure. By the way, the sooner she can get help with my hair the better!  Just kidding, I love for her to do my hair, she does get really frustrated with herself though!  So, anyhow, I know that she might need help in other areas, like meals, washing clothes, etc., but I know that she will ask for help if needed! The great thing is that she doesn’t have to go back to work right away and we can have some time together to adjust to our new life together and to my new life in the US. She says I am going to love it but that I have to go to several doctors, have lots of tests done and start therapy, and well that just sounds like a lot for me! We’ll see, please pray for God to give me strength and resiliency during these times. But, I am sure Mamá will let you know what she needs. Oh, by the way, I am not really used to American food yet, and did you know that Mamá has this crazy diet, all she can eat is chicken, fish and turkey, no creamy stuff, no cheese….. SAD!! She eats almost the same thing here everyday….. I can’t wait for some variety!  I have a feeling that I will love Macaroni & Cheese --- the best part is, I don’t even have to share with Mamá…. Although I would!
Well, let me get to the point here…. Mamá and I will definitely need your prayers and your help! I just wanted to let you know a little bit about me so that you and I could have a good meeting from the start. For a long time, Mamá will need to be the only one who takes care of me and who gives me things. I already love her so much, but I still need to know that she is mine alone, that I don’t have to share her with anyone! And, I would love for people to come visit me little by little at my house, this is where I will eventually feel most comfortable, at least that is what Mamá tells me. We can try visiting at a park sometime, I LOVE to swing! So, please don’t be offended at Mamá if she says that “Today isn’t a good day for me to go play or that we just need to stay home for the afternoon.” I will soon grow used to this new way of life and the new and wonderful people in my life! I can’t wait to meet new friends and all of Mamá’s friends, but as I said earlier, it will just have to be “poco a poco” --- “little by little”! I have heard how these adoptions stories work out and that there is always a group of people at the airport waiting for us to come home, I think Mamá would love it! But, it will be a very long flight and I may be really scared and grouchy, and not feel up to meeting people, so please understand if I frown at you or cry…. I am just not sure of all the new things going on around me!
Thank you for loving me already and for praying for Me and my Mamá! I already know in my heart that we were meant to be together forever, and I can’t wait until I am ready to meet everyone and start school and meet my doggie Mia….. so many things to do!
Love Always,
Liliana Pilar

PS Mamá would also like you to know that we got to Lima all safe and sound! There is a prayer's chance after all that we could be all finished on Friday.... PLEASE pray that we can come home on Saturday! Oh yeah, and I have no idea how to do those picture thingies she does, she always waits until I am asleep..... well, she fell asleep before me this time!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Orphan....No More!

We finally made it to the BIG day! My Precious Peruvian is now, Liliana Pilar Suarez! And, the Suarez family now has a new addition--- well officially --- we already added her in our hearts a long time ago! The Adoption Resolution was issued last Tuesday, but b/c of the Holy Days here in Peru, we had to wait until today to do everything! The place we had to go to was busy... not really by their standards, but it took us almost two hours to get everything done! No worries... I would have sat there for days if necessary! While there, a sweet Peruvian (Quechua) woman talked with us and asked about my little Peruvian. She was so happy for my little girl, she kept saying, "oh, she is so lucky!" Wow! I feel like I am the lucky one here... and actually "lucky" doesn't adequately describe it! BLESSED describes how I feel so much more acurately!

The last couple of days have been CRAZY to say the least! Saturday, Mom was pretty sick... poor thing! She is doing better now, thank you for your prayers! Sunday we left our hotel at 5:45 am to go to Machu Pichu. It is 2 hours by car to the train station, an hour and 1/2 on the train and then 30 mins on a bus to Machu Pichu. Well, we made it to the train station, almost missed our train (we could have only been so lucky!), barely made it on the train. We had a really nice ride with lots of beautiful scenerary that I can't even begin to describe to you! Then about 3km from the Machu Pichu station, our train DERAILED! Yes, you read it correctly... it DERAILED!!! Fortunatley, and all thanks be to God, there were no injuries, not a massive disaster or anything like that.... we just well, slipped off the track... YES, the car we were riding in! Oh my! It took them an hour and a half to get us back on track (no pun intended) and then we were off again to the Machu Pichu station! (I'll have to save the story for how they got it back on track for another time!) We got to the Machu Pichu station, met up with our guide who got us to the bus stop, caught the bus..... Mamá (Me)got pretty nauseous from the bus ride ... but was spared any embarrassment! My Precious Peruvian fell asleep on the 30 min ride and then woke up when we got off the bus..... BAD, VERY BAD! She didn't know where she was, or anything, there were people EVERYWHERE and yep, I knew it was coming.... Category 5 Meltdown! She even wouldn't take the Papa Lay I tried to give her.... I didn't know what to do! Thankfully this nice man told us to go into the restaurant there and cool her off and give her some time and we would catch a later tour. Well, this turned out good for all of us! Mom hadn't eaten all day on Saturday, Mamá was just plain hungry and already worn out.... and my Precious Peruvian needed a break from so many people! So, we caught the 2:00 tour...... well, we made it to where you start to climb to the look out point and the guide was pretty much not real impressed with our thoughts that we couldn't make it! Well, I wanted to give him a big "I TOLD you so" at the end of the day... but we climbed up anyway! Poor Mom got sick half way up and had to go back down.... my Precious Peruvian wanted to climb to the highest mountain in there and Mamá's asthma was kickin' in! Arrgghhh! Well, My little one and I kept on climbing and we finally got to the look out point, and indeed it was worth it!

For the tour, there was another 15-20 mins of climbing and then all downhill..... except their National Parks aren't quite like ours.... (this is an understatement to say the least, there was NOTHING to keep a small child from falling over the edge, except this Mamás firm grip!) it was precarious to say the least, just getting up to the look out point, I couldn't imagine having to climb more just to go back down all those steps..... so this Mamá decided to go back down the way we came! Well, my Precious Peruvian got scared on the way down.... me too, it seemed a lot scarier going down than up! She did great though! And, I have to say, even after her meltdown, within about 15-20 mins, she calmed right down, LOVED the hike to the top and was a SUPER TROOPER the rest of the day! Mind you, she hadn't had but about a 20 min nap! Well, we finally made it home late last night and all fell into bed.... EXHAUSTED! Was it worth it... YES! It was an Adventure, but there are NO trips to other countries that don't have some sort of adventure to them! Man, what a day.... but boy do we have stories to tell!

Today, I got to see my Precious Peruvian be a Super Trooper again! We did have a Category 3 meltdown while getting ready this morning, and a little bit of a foul mood at lunch time...... but she just came on back! And, she didn't get a nap again today b/c we had to be at the Office to get her birth certificate at 2:30..... and she was just great! She did wonderfully the whole time! She is soooo tired, but she just keeps on bouncing back! Thank you for thsoe prayers for resiliency and if you can keep them coming! She even let Grammie do things for her today, like help her get out of the taxi... HUGE!

Tomorrow morning we fly to Lima and begin our process of coming home! Yay! It will be a busy couple of days, so please pray that they will go well! It would be GREAT if we could come home this coming weekend, but it doesn't look like that will happen.... so probably either late Monday night we'll leave Lima or early Tuesday morning! Please pray for me, I have LOVED being here, but I am ready for home! I have had a great day, but with lots of frustrations, mostly b/c I am tired! And, then tonight, I went to get my Precious Peruvian a Charango (Peruvian guitar) and dropped it on the way back to the hotel.... I nearly had my own little meltdown! I am still pretty close! Where I dropped it is on this corner that has always been a bad spot for people to just stand and do nothing but be in the way of other's trying to get by..... so, I am really frustrated with the touristy nature of this area.... to say the least! I have been so frustrated by it, I have done very few tourist things to do... sad but true! Anyhow, I need some prayers for a fresh new attiutde and some more wisdom, strength and courage! So, thank you for praying that for me! Please also pray for Mom, she is doing better, but pray for her to get a lot better before we come home!

And, we did have Easter celebration in there too! Thank you to Aunt Stephie for the cute Easter shirt! She finally got to see her little Easter Basket this morning!Thank you for being patient the last 2 days, there was just no way I had time to blog, but I missed telling you all about each day! And, this one is really long.... sorry! I hope you enjoyed the pics from the last couple of days! Thank you again for your prayers and many blessings!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mama said there would be days like this ... Part 2

Well, unfortunately, yesterdays nap (actually, lack thereof) caught up with us today! My Precious Peruvian woke up on the wrong side of her "camita" this morning! She was a little back and forth about how she was doing while getting dressed, but was doing ok, until we were headed down the stairs. Well, I am not sure what she was doing, but she was about to fall, so I picked her up and carried her down the stairs..... well, this is NOT what we do on the stairs.... she always gets to walk down, and well, Mom's idea did not go over very well. I was able to calm her down after a bit and we sat down to eat breakfast. I don't know if she was still mad at me or if some women sitting near us had tried to engage her.... maybe both, but she shut down. She wouldn't eat, not even her banana.... and this is sacred breakfast food! So, well Mom and I finished breakfast and I was just about to give up on her eating breakfast and the women at the other table left. She watched as each one of them left and then when they were all gone, she piped up and returned to her normal happy self and began eating her breakfast.... so I am not all together sure what happened. Needless to say, Mamá was already worn out, so we came back to the room for a while to get ourselves back together again.

After an hour or so in the room, she was better and again started being her happy, sometimes very silly self! Well, we decided to head to the Plaza to see what we could get done today.... on the way there my Precious Peruvian was so excited and jumping (all while holding Mamá's hand) she tripped and did a massive face plant right ont he sidewalk! This Mamá heard her head hit and right about that time 3 American men saw it happen and all at once gasped and said "She hit her head!" I immediately snatched her up, checked her little face for blood and held her for a while! SCARED ME TO DEATH! Thank goodness Grammie was there b/c everything I was holding went flying! After a few minutes of consolation and wiping her face, she and I both realized she was ok! She has a little scrape under her nose and a pretty nice size goose-egg on her forehead, but her beautiful hair covers it up! I am sure it is't the first goose-egg she has ever had and probably won't be the last, but Mamá could do without another one, that is for sure! It wasn't exactly the Easter Egg I had in mind for her! Poor thing!

I will say, I saw lots of resliency today!!!! She recovered very quickly from both events and just went on being her happy self! Lunch took FOREVER today and so we came back for naptime. She did nap after a little bit and we just hung out here for supper! Unfortunately, lunch didn't really seem to agree with any of the three of us today, so we have all felt a little yucky this evening! The good news is.... TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!!! Thank you Lord!

Please pray for all of us to feel better tomorrow and for tomrrow to be a better day! Please also pray for us tomorrow as the Director of her orphanage comes here for a visit. This is not an official visit or anything like that, she just wanted to see my Precious Peruvian one last time before we left and she wanted to see me again and meet my Mom. No, this doesn't usually happen with adoptions, but the Director and I created such a bond while I was at the orphanage that I want to see her too! I had a few letters to give her, things that I couldn't eve get out without just "boo-hooing", so I thougth it better to put it in written form. I am looking foward to keeping up contact with her and the other caregivers at the orphanage! They have been the only family my Precious Peruvian has ever known and they will forever have a special place in my heart! If I can talk any of you into adoption..... I would send you here to Peru, to Cusco, to my sweet ones home! You see, it isn't just an orphanage, those sweet people have worked as hard as they could to make it a HOME for these sweet children! Anyhow, please pray that I can keep it together as my Precious Peruvian the director say their "good-byes" and that Mamá can also say her "good-byes" without crying! Please continue to pray for wisdom, strength and courage, and for us to get back on schedule... it is making this Mamá, who normally lives her life by a schedule (with little reminder bells!) a little CRAZY! And, thank you for those continued prayers for RESILIENCY for my little one, she is doing great, so please keep them comin'! Oh! And, another praise... Grammie got another unprompted hug and kiss tonight! Yay!!!
Love & Blessings!
Pics Coming Tomorrow... we didn't get any today!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grammie's Big Day!

Today started off with our usual breakfast routine except Little Bit was on Peruvian time today.... we ate breakfast for an hour! She was kind of funny... a little grouchy, but funny! She finally got finished eating.... and she thinks she has to eat everything on the table..... sometimes I tried to convince her that it is ok to stop, but she must clean her plate..... let's see how long that lasts! :-)

Then it was time for my Precious Peruvian to have a bath and wash her hair and get ready for the day.... again, on Peruvian time! We finally left the hotel about 11:15 for our shopping journey! But, this was much to Grammie's benefit! Grammie got HUGS and KISSES from her new Granddaughter today! They weren't even prompted, just went to her and gave her HUGS and KISSES! She decided that Grammie was alright since she also liked "Papa Lay"! :-) Just teasing! It was a BIG step for her! She has even been checking on where Grammie is from time to time.... she still has things that Grammie can and can't do... but we are getting a lot closer!

We made it to the Plaza and walked around a bit, but she wasn't too interested in shopping. So we finally went for lunch. We went back to a restaurant that we had been to the other day.... it is in the Plaza. Well, she loved the music there the other day! And even though we couldn't talk her into going into any other place, she went right in this one, back to our table and there for another lunch with the great Andean folk music. The waiter brought her a little glass just for her and she even looked at him and said "Oh Gracias!" ---- another BIG step! The other day, all she would do is frown at him! Well, then the best surprise of all came when they came out with the "live band"! This is the band that plays the music that has been playing in the restaurant.... they had one guy with a tympani drum, and one playing an Andean flute (pan pipe) and the guitar at the same time. I have to say, I was impressed.... and so was my Precious Peruvian! She started strumming her guitar and was playing right along with the man.... when he would speed up his strumming, so did she, she was keeping time with him on her own guitar! She was a rock star! I hate I didn't get any pictures of this.... it went on for so long, I knew as soon as I got the camera out, she would stop... but well, she didn't! She was still strumming her guitar on the way home! (She actually did this motion with her hands the other day after a visit to the Plaza... I thought she was just overstimulated, but there had been a guy there playing a guitar.... so now I know, she was still hearing his music in her head!) It was too cute! She is going to love playing a real guitar one day soon!

Before the band came out.... sad face waiting for her lunch!

We left lunch and did a little shopping along the way, not too much, it seems everyone's CC machines are down.... I think the banks here must be closed for holidays... so we were a little disappointed but we did get a few things we were looking for! So, we headed back to the hotel for naptime --- about and 1 hour or so late.... well Mamá is the only one who got a nap --- about 30 mins. Little Bit just laid in her crib and played for 2 hours. I finally decided that it was time to get up and figure out what was for dinner...... the daily ritual here! I can't wait til I can go to the pantry and pull out something for dinner! :-) Anyhow, we set out, I wasn't all together sure how she would be, but she did fine, so long as we made a stop at the store for the Papa Lay to go with dinner! Yay! Only one bag today... but she did ask for them on the way back to our hotel for naptime! Too funny! So, we found some dinner close to our hotel and then came back and relaxed. My Precious Peruvian was asleep by 8:00! Yay, maybe we can return to our schedule soon! :-)

Today, tomorrow and the weekend are just waiting days... so we are just making the most of each day here in Cusco and enjoying some of the things around here. Maybe tomorrow we can do some more touristy things! We didn't get to do much today, but some days you have to take her rhythem, and not your own! She had a great day though.... and Grammie's day was made with all the hugs and kisses! I am thanking God for a great day and great strides for my little one again today! She is a continuous surprise and each day a new adventure! Thank you for your continued prayers and again, please keep them coming!

Blessings for Good Friday as we remember the sacrifice our Savior made for us, so that he might ADOPT each of us as His own.... that we can ALL have access to Him through the sacrifice of His one and only Son! It is only beacuse I know Him that I know Love!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silent Day

Today was a great day! We started our day off as usual, with Grammie just waiting for us sleep heads to get up! So, down to breakfast we go, then we come back here for a little bit, to get my Precious Peruvian ready for her outing to the Supermarket.... sort of like Wal-Mart.... only A LOT SMALLER! But, away we went in a tzxi to get to the one that wasn't nearly as crowded as the first I had been too... and actually had a few "American" things. We didn't buy much, just the necessities... but my Precious Peruvian did great amongst all the isles and everything. She got to "push the cart"....she thought that was the best thing ever! They even have those carts with the little cars for the kids to ride in, and a man and his wife were pushing one b/c it was all they had left for them when they got there.... I think he was hoping I would take it off of his hands.... but what a generous offer to give it to my Precious Peruvian! :-)

Then came the BIG DEAL!! My Precious Peruvian went inside the restaurant that she has refused to enter for the last 10 days! She even sat down and we had lunch there! Oh my... what a HUGE step! It was a great step in her growth! Then she woke up today from her nap and we had to go back out again and buy her plane ticket to Lima from Cusco for next Tuesday! This required a little walking b/c I didn't know exactly where it was, but we made lots of new discoveries along the way! She went in, sat in her own chair like a little Princess, almost as if she knew it was for her! So cute!

In addition to this, we also made our reservations to take the train to see Machu Pichu.... with the help of our wonderful hotel owner, who helps organize tours, that this would be best and she assured this nervious Mamá that all adoptive families who go are nerous about how their little ones will do, but they all come back saying that their little ones loved it! So, we are going to give it a go! We go on Sunday morning (REALLY EARLY!!) and come back Sunday evening. It seems a bit strange to go sightseeing on Easter Sunday, but what a great day to celebrate the beauty of God's Creation and the gift of architecture and building that He gave people so long ago! So, Sunday we'll rejoice in our Savior at sunrise and all through the day!

So, today was anything but silent! :-) But, again, that is just a formality.... after the holidays (Thurs -Sunday) on Monday we get her new birth certificate.... yay! I pray I am not speaking too soon, but I have to give God glory for the fact that my Precious Peruvian seemingly understands that this is permanent, Mamá isn't going anywhere.... and Grammie, well she is a nice addition.... especially when she gives her hamburgers, french fries and Pringles potato chips.... don't worry she still calls them Papa Lay (said Pa-pa Lie)! Too funny! I am praising God for another great day, and please continue praying for more of those as we press on a little further ahead each day! Tomorrow we are going to be turists and go shopping for things to give her on each one of her "Blessing Days" until she turns 18. I already have some things in mind, I have just been waiting! :-) So, again, I thank you for your prayers and I am so thankful... keep them coming our way! More tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adoption Resolution Issued!

Wow! What a great day for my Precious Peruvian! We got up and ate breakfast, she interacted a bit more with Grammie, and decided it was ok if she tagged along with us! :-) Grammie is doing great and taking it all in stride... thanks Grammie! Well, we had breakfast, came back to our room and got little bit dressed, and just took our time around the room. Then we set off for the Plaza de Armas to show Grammie the town! Well, actually it seems that I saw more of the Plaza today than I have seen in the 10 days I have been here! It was fun! We walked and looked at some shops. Well, I decided that today we would be brave and try eating at a restaurant..... you will NEVER believe it.... my Precious Peruvian went in, sat at the table, only made faces at the waiter when he got too close, and had a great lunch with us! She loved the music playing there, thank you Lord for that! She did great! We sat by the window so she could see out too. She loved it! Just for going in the restaurant, she didn't know it, but Mamá had a secret stash of Papa Lay and I gave it to her when we sat down to eat....¡Oh Bravo!, she said! She had her chips (I know, one day we'll worry about her cholesterol!) some chicken sandwich, french fries, rice... she just kept on eating..... everything but the veggies in the soup I got for her! :-) Oh well, it was great! What a BRAVE little girl I have!! Well after lunch, we were all a little "nappish" and so we came back to settle in for a bit. We all fell asleep for at least 2 hours!

Then, it was time to find dinner..... which required another restaurant... although this time we got it to go, but she was still willing to go into this second place. (Not the same one that she has not liked since the beginning) She did well while in there, she played and ran form Point A to Mamá..... and was ok with the wait. However, this restaurant was across the street from the store that sells the Papa Lay.... well, she knows where this store is and exactly where those chips are in the store..... so you guessed it! We had to make a stop and buy some more Papa Lay! Oh well..... again, it is something we can work on weening her off of when we get home! :-) For now, these chips help her make some big strides in her accepting her new life! So, we'll keep giving them to her, maybe tomorrow we can get away with only one bag! :-)

Well, today was the Adoption Resolution..... here in Peru this doesn't involve court or anything like that! In fact, I didn't even do anything except call the psychologist for the 4th time to be sure I didn't have to do anything! This means that the paperwork is sent to Lima, signed by the National Secretary of Adoptions and then overnighted back here to Cusco for my signature. Tomorrow is the Day of Silence.... this is a day where anyone could contest the adoption. However, praise be to God, this is just a formality! Then Thursday & Friday are holidays here in Cusco in celebration of Holy Week.... so nothing official will happen until Monday. On Monday, the 25th, I will go and officially sign papers, and have her birth certificate re-printed with her new name! Yay! Then we will fly back to Lima HOPEFULLY on the 26th, please pray for this as we have our flight reservations already booked for this day! Then, it will be a crazy few days of getting paperwork to the Embassy, the Consulate for her US Visa and Immigration for her Peruvian passport. Then, we will hopefully get to fly home sometime around the 2nd of May!

So, we are looking forward to traveling to Machu Pichu on Thursday, it is about a 2-3hour drive from here. We'll have a driver, not to worry! We are taking our own driver so that if she (or Mamá... not Grammie) gets tired, fussy or upset, we can leave and aren't bound to a tour group. But, we'll go visit that and maybe stop at a market along the way. There are many things here that I haven't had a chance to see yet, so we'll spend some time doing that as well! Tomorrow, we'll take my Precious Peruvian to the supermarket a little bit like Wal-Mart.... so we'll see how she does with that!And, then maybe the park or a petting zoo!

Today I am thanking God for your continued prayers! We are definitely feeling them! I think Grammie is having a great time and she is doing well with the altitude and everything! Actually, way better than I did! I had a headache for 2 days...she hasn't had one yet! It is so nice to have her here, even for just the moral support! My little one doesn't really let her do things for her yet..... which, sadly for Grammie, is actually a good thing b/c it ensures that she is bonding well to me! But, I do feel bad for Grammie sometimes! :-) It is ok, she understands and takes it all in stride.... what better Mother could a girl ask for! (I'll be in trouble for this.... but she is asleep and won't know until the morning--- I have her glasses!) She is the BEST Mom in the whole entire world! She traveled a very long way just to be able to be with me and her Granddaughter! She came to a place where it doesn't have all the luxuries of home, and doesn't even seem to care! She is here with us! She is loving me in so many unspoken ways! She is even learning some Spanish! :-) Bravo Grammie! So, thnak you for praying her here and please continue to pray for me to have wisdom, strength and courage, and for my Precious Peruvian to continue practicing that Resiliency we have been praying for! Also, pray for her bonding, it is going really well, and I pray that it will continue to do so!

Blessings to you all and here are a few pics of our day..... first official day as a Family!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yay for the Big Day!

Well, initially it didn't look like that big of a day, but you know what, it really is! Tonight at midnight, ends the Family Placement Time and tomorrow the Adoption Resolution will be issued! This officially makes my Precious Peruvian.... mine! And, Grammie came this afternoon.... finally after having to wait 7 hours for her 1 hour and 10 minute flight to Cusco! Thank you for those of you who prayed for her... that is some true Mama (Grammie) love for sure!!
It was actually good, (not for Mom of course!) that she didn't come until after my Precious Peruvian's naptime, b/c she was not having such a great day! There are times when she just has a moment, and it is hard to know what is wrong. I thank God everyday for the way that her orphanage has loved her in sending her favorite music with her. She did bounce back pretty good, but her naptime helped tremendously! I was afraid she didn't get all of her nap out, but she did fine.... after some cookies in the car while we went to the airport to get Grammie.... finally! I was so excited to see Mom come out of the airport (here you can't wait inside, you have to wait outside)and know that she was doing ok! Of course, you have to move fast, but unfortunately my Precious Peruvian wasn't real sure about Grammie at first. Thankfully, Grammie was well prepared for that! As we spent some time together and went to get dinner, ate and of course had some Hot Chocolate.... she is much better with Grammie being with us! She did have a small come apart with Mom and Nicolas, one of the hotel staff who was bringing up Mom's luggage, coming into her room.... so we had to play a little more music.... and she got better! (There will be a copy of this CD EVERYWHERE that she will be!) After a few minutes, she was playing along with Grammie's motions and began laughing..... it was good! --- RESILIENCY! And, after our Hot Chocolate this evening, she even came in the door and I prompted her to say "Hola Agusto".... another hotel staff person who we have seen everyday for a week and she frowns at him everytime he speaks to her... she said "Hola Agusto"! I couldn't believe my hears! And, she looked at him when she said it.... even BIGGER deal! It was so great to hear her say it! She also loved her hot chocolate experience again and laughed and played and well.... choclate, as I said before, is every girl's best friend! :-) So, another great day, even though it didn't look that way to begin with!
Sometimes things are like that.... it looks bad, but then turns out good! I am one happy girl to have my Mama here enjoying her Granddaughter..... both are now snoring in their beds! They were both tuckered out. Mom and I talked for a bit, but my Precious Peruvian, even after hot chocolate and lots of tickles, went to sleep pretty quick.... and I thought she would be up because I was up! Apparently, becuase she could hear me, she knew I was here and she was ok with it.... all week I would have been talking to myself all night, if only I had known! :-) Well, it just goes to show you never know!
I am thanking God today for getting Mom here to Cusco safely, even though it was an exhausting day for her! I am thanking God today for being able to see Resiliency in my Precious Peruvian... each day is new with her and each one is different, so sometimes you just don't know..... but I can tell you that I have seen time after time that she has been resilient in the last week! Thank you for praying for this and please continue to do so b/c as I explained yesterday, it is a minute by minute task for her! And, I am so thankful to have my Mom here with me to share this special time with me! I am so glad that she will get to see where my little one has come from.... and that she will be able to share with my Precious Peruvian her experiences of visiting her country! Joy just overflows my heart right now! Many of you wanted to see Mom's face the first time she saw my Precious Peruvian,s o I have a short little video for that and then some pics of our Chocolate Date! Love & Blessings!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun with Daily Life!

Today was a quiet day! I love those! I realized today that this first week of having my Precious Peruvian with me must be like the first week you are home with a new baby..... well, there are plusses and minuses to each one though! But, today we did our usual breakfast thing and then it was time for little bit to get a bath, as we had nothing planned for this morning.... she loved it! A friend gave me these little tablets that you put int he water to turn it colors.... the first one out was yellow, she thought it was great, but I have to say..... yellow was a little disconcerting to me! Next time we'll make green or orange or some other color! :-) But, seriously, she loved the fact that the water was a different color! She played until the water got cold! She loves to have the water poured over her head to wash her hair (thank you God!) but, it is a little hard to know if you got all the shampoo out..... but I thinks we did! After dressing and playing a bit here in the room, we went to the Plaza de Armas.... she wanted to buy the bird food, but didn't really want to feed the pigeons.... so we bought bird food from the same sweet little girl who asks us if we'll buy some! I gave a 1 Sol, the equivalent of about 35cents, which was double what she asked for and told her to keep it, you would have thought I gave her the moon! "Gracias, she said with a BIG smile on her face!" It was my day to be blessed by her joy!"

We made it back a little late for ordering lunch.... and by the way, while they know me, love me and certainly enjoy my business, they still don't get in any hurry here! I think eating out here is a luxury and they figure you want to really enjoy your time there...... except my time is sometimes with a crying and over-stimulated child, who is really ready for the solace of her new "home"..... not enjoying it so much! But, 30 mins later, we had lunch and set off to the hotel to eat it! She ate well and then came upstairs for her nap.... which we didn't get to take until 2:30 today! Oh well! I have been practicing with her walking after dinner the last few nights... tonight she was willing to go all the way back to the Plaza de Armas! We went to see if there was any Diet Coke at this primarily American grocery store there. Unfortunately, only Coke Zero--- Sorry Grammy! But, I couldn't believe that she was willing to walk back that far.... great step!

Today we have been talking about how tomorrow morning we'll go pick up Grammie from the airport and that we are going to get to see her for the first time and that she is going to fly in a plane to see us.... I hope that it helps prepare her! We have been skyping, but have had to miss the last couple nights. So, pray all this goes well! She does say "Grammie" now and is leaning some new words in English. Some of the English words are actually easier to say... but not all of them! :-) And, thanks to a sweet friend who let us use his Leap Frog.... she can now almost sing the ABC's in English and Spanish! She loves this toy!

Today, I am missing my precious church family too! I have to admit I am just about to be a little Homesick.... good thing Mom comes tomorrow, that will help! But, thank you to my precious friends for praying! I think of you all! And, my choir pals, I know you did a fantastic job today! I can't wait to try to download the video and see today's service! I was reminded by the numerous church goers with flowers and palm fronds in their hands of the Beautiful sacrifice our Lord made for us! And, while today was His triumphal entry, He knew the sacrifice He would have to make later this week! I am so blessed by Easter.... the picture of God's Love for each one of us!

Today, I am thanking God for His wonderful provisions, for getting my Mom to Lima and for the wonderufl Austin Family for taking such good care of her! She learned very quickly about the traffic here and that pedestrians don't have the right of way.... it is more like target practice.... and I am thanking God for her safety today! I am praising the Lord for this sweet gift he has given me and I am so blessed by your faithfulness to pray for me and for Liliana... and my Mom too! Oh how I can't wait to see her tomorrow!!!!! Please pray for continued safety as she flies to Cusco and for her to be able to adjust to the altitude here.... it took me a couple of days and I have been at higher altitudes than this before. So, thank you again for your love and prayers!

I figured 2 days without a picture, I better have at least one to post! :-) Here ya go!
Hoping the pigeons really don't come for the food!

Such a beautiful smile.... who can resist taking her picture?!?!?

My Precious Peruvian with her hometown of Cusco behind her!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This.....

Yep, she did! Mama said that there would be good days and bad days! I have to say though that today wasn't all bad. But, my Precious Peruvian grieved today! She had already not really been having a great morning, the restaurant didn't go as well today as yesterday.... but then at luch she had a meltdown and was asking for her little friend! Oh, how it broke my heart to hear her weep for her little friend! I knew this day and possibly more were coming, and it is good that they come.... but it doesn't make it any easier! Thankfully, her orphanage director gave me some of her favorite music and it indeed calmed her right down..... I held her, rocked her and just let her listen to the music. You see, when you grieve, there aren't any words that someone can say to you to make the hurt go away.... it is just best to let her grieve. So, we did... grieved together! I am sad for her little friend too! I wish I could have taken her with us.... but unfortunately it doesn't work that way! So, then I just put her down for a nap..... the best thing to do..... I hoped!

Well, sure enough, three hours later, she woke up and felt more herself again! She made up for the missed lunch and ate and ate and ate! She was so hungry! But, what a great sign of resiliency! You see this is why I have been begging for these prayers of resiliency.... sometimes it is so hard for orphans to realize that they aren't going to be left again, and that while they have left friends and loved ones behind, they will make new friends and loved ones..... they just can't help it, no matter their age! But, after listening to her favorite music for a while, she pointed to me and said Mamá.... and when she woke up from her nap, it was all hugs and kisses for Mamá! Yay for resiliency for today!! Resiliency isn't a one time thing.... she has to practice it everyday, and sometimes every hour of every day! So, thank you for those prayer and keep them coming! I still need them, and I really still need prayers for wisdom and strength and courage!

Over the past two weeks I have received some of the most encouraging e-mails and FB messages, and I can not even begin to tell you how much they mean to me! This has been a journey.... sometimes a long one, but while here this week, I haven't felt alone at all! You know why, because HE has been with me every second, every minute of every day! He was watched over us, protected us, and loved us in unimaginable ways! In some of these e-mails, many of you have expressed how my story has helped grow your faith..... Oh, what sweet joy this is to my heart! You see, my blog is to bring Honor and Glory to God! He is the giver of this dream of mine and I sometimes have to stop and catch my breath because His love has taken my breath away! I have my "Mustard Seed" sized faith and that is all I have to offer. You may have seen it in a few pictures, but this past summer when things looked like they would never progress, and that this journey was going to be even longer than expected, a precious friend gave me a bracelet with a Mustard Seed and the verse for Matthew 17:20..... now I wear a heart necklace with a mustard seed in it.....there is an earlier blog about this verse and my Precious Peruvian's name and its meaning..... her name means... "Strong in Faith" and the verse with it was Matthew 17:20.... this is her given name, that is. So, it was with this Mustard Seed of faith that I began to pray about adopting this one who is my Precious Peruvian..... and only a Mustard Seed size of faith I brought with me.... oh I hoped and prayed things would go wonderfully..... but I had NO IDEA just how much more than I could ever think or imagine that God would bless this part of the journey. For some it has been really hard, and I knew that was a possibility..... but God has AMAZED me with what HE has done with my little Mustard Seed! So, to those of you who know in your heart of hearts that God is calling you to do something.... it doesn't have to be adoption (although God does call us to care for orphans, but not everyone is called to adopt.... I wish they were!) but step out with a Mustard Seed sized faith and see what God can do! I can tell you this, HE moved major mountains for my little one and I to be together..... and HE WILL do it for you too! Take your dream to him, or ask Him to give you a dream and He will do just that, because His desire is that we Honor and Glorify Him! I am so humbled every time I get an e-mail or FB message of how God has used my story to touch the lives of others that I am brought to tears b/c while part of this is about me and a Precious Peruvian..... it is really all about HIM and my prayer is that ALL will come to know HIM and HIS amazing GRACE and beautiful heart for us!
Sorry, no pics again today..... waiting anxiously to hear that my Mom has arrived in Lima! Can't wait to see her on Monday!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Well the Lord showed Himself BIG and GREAT again today! There were a lot of great things for my Precious Peruvian today! Well, we both slept late today..... so much for the schedule! But, after eating breakfast we went to have some pcitures developed for the psychologist to put in his report. We had to walk back to the Avenida Sol where we were the other day that was a little overwhelming for her. We went back there and to a camera shop that developed pictures. She wasn't too happy about going in at first, but once inside was a little better! I had to also have pics made for her Visa.... she wasn't too happy about this either, but cooperated! Then once she saw herself int he pictures on the screen to be developed, she got all ecited and started chattering and singing, she did great! Then we left, and came back to the hotel, of course we had to stop on the way for some Papa Lay --- potato chips! Well, she went right in that store and straight to the chips! She even knew exacctly which ones she wanted! Bravo!

After getting back tot he hotel and eating her chips, we went to get lunch before the psychologist came, so that we could eat it when he left. Well, here is where she REALLY gets a BRAVO! She went in the restaurant!!! She sat on the bar stool the whole time and we sang and chatted.... oh it was such a BIG deal! The ladies that work there and have graciously given me real "curb-side" service for the last week were thrilled! They couldn't believe it either! It was a BIG day for my Precious Peruvian! Bravo!

We had a great visit with the psychologist, he has been very happy to see how well things have been going.... YAY!!! He really is a great man and does well with my little one and with me! He is very laid back but also very professional and has everyone's best interests at heart! I am so thankful for the Lord paving the way for him to be our psychologist! It looks like our family placement period should end at midnight on Monday, the 18th! Bravo!

Well, after naptime today we had a little dinner and then I thought we might celebrate with a Hot Chocolate from the Chocolate store next door to the hotel! (No kidding.... a CHOCOLATE store!!) Well, we hadn't been out after dark before and this required going into antoher store/restaurant setting! Well, as chocolate is every girl's best friend.... she went in, sat there, and LOVED it! They even made her, her own little cup of hot chocolate, which she thought was the greatest things ever! She lauged and screamed with excitedment... it was a real treat for both of us! My only regreat is that I didn't get a picture of it! She was adorable! Bravo!

So after the Hot Chocolate, we came back tot he hotel, played, skyped with Grammie and watched a little video together! What a fun day! Bravo!

Tomorrow Grammie flies to Lima, please pray for her safety and for her as she travels for the first time Internationally! Grammie is really excited and so is Mamá! Please pray for my Precious Peruvian to be excited to see her too! We have been skyping to help prepare her for someone new, but sometimes it take her a little while and I want Grammie to have a great first visit with her Precious Peruvian Granddaughter! Thank you for your prayers for today! They were felt and God showed out BIG TIME again! Bravo!!!

Praise the Lord with me for continued success in the bonding process! Today she wanted to sleep with me for her naptime! That is a big deal! And, she went right to sleep too! Praise him for a great visit with the psychologist and for his approval of our time together! Praise the Lord with me for the steps that my Precious Peruvian took today in trying new things! And, I praise the Lord for your continued faithfulness in praying for us and for lifting us up daily as we continue to grow together!
Bravo & Blessings!

PS Sorry, I didn't get any pics today.... some more for tomorrow!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ok! I have to start off this blog with a few confessions.... first of all, after posting I felt bad complaining aobut not having a microwave.... of course I still feel a bit frustrated by not having one, especially after I spent 20 mins cleaning the burned stuff our of the bottom of the pan used to re-heat our dinner... wouldn't happen if I had a microve.... but the Lord reminded me, I only asked for 2 things in the hotel that I had to stay in.... hot water and wifi! Well, I have both and very good of both.... so I have to shut up about the microwave! :-)

Another confession, I am letting my little one listen to her favorite music the second time through even though she needs to be asleep b/c I enjoy it so much too! Shame on me, I will probably regret it later --- but sometimes I just can't say no! :-)

Confession #3 ---- God is so good! The hotel staff here are so wonderful to me, it is as if I live here, and today Gladys recognized that I hadn't been feeling well yesterday and she offered to do things for me, like the dishes and cleaning up the floor after lunch.... wonderful lady and I ams o thankful for her!

Well, today was a little bit of a slower paced day! Today, my little one got her first real bath and hair-washing while with me! She was thrilled with the toys and played for a while, til' the water got cold! Then we got her dressed and teeth brushed and hair done.... this is still taking me FOREVER, when I get home, I am going to pay someone for some lessons in doing it quickly! My Precious Peruvian is so great though, she will let me brush her hair and play with it for hours, she never gets tired.... she just wants to help me out sometimes! But, I know she is thinking "Get on with it Mama!"

So then we went to the Plaza where we were going to feed the pigeons again.... well yesterday they were a little more agressive, today they were on an all out attack, flying everywhere, above her head, and when I tried to shoo them away, of course they all went the opposite direction, right above my little one's head.... it FREAKED her out! Of course, it would have FREAKED me out too! I felt so bad! She kind of wasn't feeling herself this morning and so after that we got lunch and dinner at the same place that has a special "walk-up" service just for me! Today, I got lunch and dinner for the two of us and we haven't left the hotel this afternoon at all! I think my little bit needed the break from the outside world and after a very long nap, we ate dinner... cleaned up, played a little and just stayed here, enjoying each other! She is off schedule, and I think it bothers me more than her, but I am trying so hard to get her back on her schedule, but each day is different and I knid of have to roll with it..... so today is another day of not being on her schedule. I find myself thinking that when we get home, it won't be nearly as difficult to establish some routine. For example, at home we give our children baths at night, but it is often times to cold to give them baths in the evening, so you have to do it mid-day..... a little tough to work that in!

One more story for the day.... there have been several people who ask me if my Precious Peruvian is my little girl, and I get to proudly say YES! Then several times now, the funniest thing has happened.... these Peruvians have said she looks like me! REALLY?!? It must be the hair! :-) I have been pondering over that for a couple of days now, and I have decided that I think they mean we look like we belong together! What a joy that is to hear! I realize that they don't quite know how to say it, but it is true, I think we look like we belong together too.... except well, I would love to have beautiful hair like hers! :-) But, in all honesty, it is just another confirmation that we are meant to be together, that God had us CHOSEN for one antoher since the beginning of time! How awesome is that!??!? He is so Amazing!

I can say this, I saw my answer for wisdom today! Thank you for continuing to pray that for me! I was able to see that the outside world was too overwhelming for my little one, almost immediately... this is after the birds.... and was able to readjust for her today. Thanks be to God for showing me when she needs a break! I am also thankful that she loves for me to do her hair and is so patient with me! I am slowly getting the hang of things, and catching on, and it makes me feel better! I am also praising God for putting people in my path to help out in endless ways possible, they are a blessing and they don't even know it! Please continue to pray for our bonding..... today with the birds she looked to me for consolation and just let me hold her.... good stuff! Another praise, she is showing resiliency... especially when it involves those potato chips! :-) Please continue to pray for wisdom, strength and courage for me, resiliency, and courage for my little love bug! Tomorrow we have another visit from the psychologist, he is wonderful and I praise the Lord for such a great psychologist....not all of them are as wonderful as he is! Please pray for this time to go well, as well! Thank you again for praying with me and standing in the gap for me!
Love & Blessings!

Some of our daily routine today! -- Sorry I keep adding images sideways... I'll get my act together soon!:-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lessons for Mamá

Trying to decide what the title should be....... and what to write about! Today looked a little better for my Precious Peruvian and a little worse for Mamá! Mamá felt junky all day long.... but as any Mama knows, the show must go on! So today, we woke up..... well I woke up about 7:15. Little bit just lays in her crib and waits for me to wake up.... while this sounds like a wonderful thing, it is actually kind of sad to me.... because I think of how many mornings she laid awake with no one to talk to her, cuddle her, or tell her I love you! So this morning I decided that I needed to be awake before she wakes up, this way she knows Mama is on her way to getting her day ready! The thing about being in the hotel is that you can't go have breakfast in your PJ's like we can at home.... so, we have to go all the way through the getting dressed process, hair and everything before we can even eat breakfast... so I am sure she is good and hungry by then! She doesn't complain though.... she just shouts "Oh Gracias!" when I give her her breakfast! Soooo cute!

Then we out and about for a bit to feed the pigeons today, she wasn't as impressed today because the pigeons were a little more agressive today... they were even pecking at y shoes, I didn't blame her! But one, came and sat on the bench almost beside her and then she was done with the pigeons! They are a little creepy! :-) She did so well out and about this morning that she got some Papa Lay --- these are Lay's Potato chips... I have told you before that she loves her some chips.... but let me just tell you, she was loving those chips! Then came lunch, and dummy me, I asked for the Daily Menu (most restaurants have it here) of grilled pork chop and cheese sticks..... well the pork chop was covered in a slighly spicy sauce, it came with french fries and uncooked vegetables and there was very little cheese in the cheese sticks! I decided that I lost the "Mother of the Year" award right there when I opened the plate! Well, to make myself feel better, I added some of my veggies and grilled trout to her plate.... but still felt bad for my little one! I was trying to give her something different because my eating choices are very limited.... chicken & fish, rice and cooked veggies! Oh, I can not wait to have a Spinach salad when I get home! Everyone tells me that things are wasked really well here, but considering the last 5 years of tummy issues because of getting sick from something overseas.... I am just paranoid! :-) So, little bit didn't get a very healthy lunch! They always gave her such healthy stuff (minus the chips) at the orphanage that I feel like a loser when it comes to feeding her! But, when I get home..... I know I will feel better about that b/c I will have a little more control over the cooking! I hope!

So then it was a much needed nap time for Mama and little bit! We took our nap, she didn't rest so well, but we got up and then went to get her medicine and to the bank. This required going a little bit farther (walkin, mind you) and on a very busy street. I haven't decided yet if she doesn't like going into place because they scare her or because she doesn't want to.... but this was a pretty big and exhausting trip for her. But, she did really well! She did protest some but overall, took it in stride. She was pretty tired by the time we got back for dinner and wanted to be in her own world for a few minutes.... but she came back really quick to her giggly, silly self! :-) So, I will count it a good day for her and a day of lessons for Mama! I have no idea why this hotel with wonderful staff and people don't have a microwave, but I keep thinking that it will make life easier..... but then I have to remind myself, there will just be different difficulties to be had, so I will stick to asking someone to light the two burner camp stove everytime I want to cook something! (I know how, it is just everytime I try to do it, it won't light, there is some crazy trick to it or something!) HaHa! Looking forward to Grammie coming, maybe she can get it to light! :-)

Today I am praising God for the strength to make it through feeling yucky! My Precious Peruvian feeling better, and gradually making headway in dealing with the word around her! Sometimes she gets overwhelmed at the people approaching us on the street and starts saying "No, No, No, No, No"..... the funny thing is, that is how I feel!! But, please keep praying for God to give her resiliency and courage to face strangers! It is hard! Please continue to pray that I will feel better soon and get over whatever this yuck is..... I know wher eit came from, my Precious Peruvian, and it is worth every bit of it to have her hugs and kisses everyday.... but if it could pass quickly for both of us, that would be great!

Again, thank you for your prayers and praising the Lord with me for the wonderful things He has done! Several have commented on giving God the Glory.... some people choose to write their blog for their children, some choose to write to advocate for adoption, I chose to write it to bring God the Glory because ultimately this is His journey, His dream that He placed in my heart, and I am just privileged to be able to walk this journey with Him. And, He has been with me every step of the way, throught he dark difficult days when I had only a mustard seed size of faith, to the beautiful days of meeting and getting to know my Precious Peruvian! He had the way paved ahead of me, and will continue to show me His purpose and will for our lives! So, praise Him today and everyday.... and know that all things good come from Him alone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pigeons, Psychologists & Pediatricians

Hello All! Thank you so much for your prayers today, as I needed them and felt them! Our first day of family placement was a good one! We both slept in late, as little bit's schedule can't seem to get organized for all of the various things that we have to do. So, this morning, we both woke up about 7:15..... about an hour later than usual! My little one was so hungry, she ate an egg, oatmeal and a banana! Several people commented on how well she eats, I felt a little bad that it was because we slept late! But, after eating we came back upstairs and played and sang for a bit while I tried to re-organize our stuff. Living out of a suitcase is tough! But, I would do it again in a minute!

Then, we went to see the pigeons in the Plaza de Armas. Yesterday, I just wanted to see how she would do with them so all we did was watch them, today we fed them! There was a little girl there yesterday afternoon that I told we would buy some today, when I came back this morning, she was a bit surprised and reminded me that I would buy them from her. And so I did! I don't know why she wasn't in school, but she very happily sold me the food for the pigeons..... and we fed them! My Precious Peruvian loved it! At first she wasn't sure about the birds coming close to her, but then she realized what to do and immediately loved it!

Then it was back to the hotel for a visit from the Psychologist, who is wonderful! He asked me some questions about how I planned to introduce My Precious Peruvian to her family and all of my friends and church, and these are such good questions that he needed to know that I had thought through. She is doing really well attaching to me, but she is going to need space. She has to get to know you on her own terms, not on ours. I daily have to enter her world and see the world from her perspective. I then have to take things at her pace. And, trust me, she lets me know if it is too much or not what she wants! But today, we made a big stride... she went into the pharmacy with me, she was none too happy about it at first, but once inside, she wanted to look around. She is just easily overstimulated, and I have to be careful for these things--- if a small pharmacy here overwhelms here... can you imagine Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart overwhelms Me! HaHa! She will adjust, we may just have to go at a different pace than sometimes we think we should have to go.

Then came the Pediatrician! Let's just say, it was like taking your newborn to the Dr., and they cry and wiggle the whole time... except she is 3 and it was a lot harder.... and she has teeth! She immediately didn't like him when he walked in the door, he was good though! But, she tried biting him several times, and hit him and well, cried and screamed! The thing is I can only imagine her terror, in being in a new place, with someone who she calls Mama and a bunch of other strangers! My heart went out to her! She wouldn't even let him weigh her. He had to weigh me (Oh! I love Kilograms by the way, they look so much better on the scale! ), and then weigh me holding her. The good news in all of this is that she sought me out for comfort. She didn't fight me at all, and when all was done and the Dr. was filling out the paperwork, she let me hold her and rock her and she began to sing with the music that I had hoped would calm her for his visit. Sooooo, we'll have to be sure whe have a REALLY good pediatrician! Thank goodness for the International Adoption Clinic who can help with the transition, but oh my, our first visit there will be a LONG one! But, the Dr. did give me a prescription for something for her cold and little cough she has. Tomorrow we'll do that! She did take some Tylenol pretty easily tonight though... hopefully this syrup at least tastes good.

Right now, I am posting to my little one's favorite music, a soundtrack from a movie I didn't know called "Anelie", the thing is Mama LOVES it! It is so amazing to me how God put us together and our love for music is so much the same! No kidding this soundtrack is awesome! Let's just say that my Precious Peruvian has really good taste in music! Well, she does love to hear, "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round" but, she is finally sleeping soundly to her favorite music, another of the precious gifts that her Director gave me. So, praise the Lord with me for an overall good day! Pray for my sweet one to have resiliency in these changes and strangers that she faces every day! I can only imagine how difficult it is to leave the same 6 people who have cared for you everyday of your life and then move to a place where all you see is strangers every day, except for Mamá. It would be really tough! Please pray for me as I haven't been feeling so great today myself, pray that this cold will soon pass for me and that I will feel better. The good news is that the sinuses are working like they are supposed to! Yay! Anyhow, please continue to pray for good health for both of us, wisdom, courage and strength for me, and resiliency for my little one! Please also continue to pray for our bonding process to continue growing.... today was a big sign, but there is still a lot more journey left to go!
Love & Blessings!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Today's Big News.....

What a great and hard day today was! Today was the day that I signed the papers to take my Precious Peruvian into custody! Oh! What a big day! And, oh what a hard day! As today was the day that we had to say good-bye to everyone at her home. Then her sweet director presented me with a video of pictures and the sweetest song of my little ones. You see, these pictures were her baby pictures from the first day she endtered the orphanage at 4 days old! Oh, I just couldn't stop the tears! I still cry everytime I think about it! It was such a beautiful gift, next to the most beautiful gift God has allowed me to have, that of my sweet CHOSEN one!

Sometimes I stop and realize that I am walking in a dream come true! I remember the very day God gave me this dream and now she is here in flesh and bone! What an incredible thought..... amazing thought! God's timing is perfect.... and I remember telling Him in the difficult times... "Lord, I know on the other side of this, I will understand everything..... but can you hurry up and get me on the other side?!?!" Well, of course, as He does, He waits for the perfect moment to put on His God show! And today, in the hearts and faces of those who I don't know if they know Jesus or not, gave me such an incredible gift, that of the life of my little girl! I have sat through several Graduation Ceremonies at church and wondered if I would have a baby picture of my little one.... and while ultimately this is a small thing... God even cared enough about the littlest thing.... but such a wonderful thing for her! Oh, how I praise him for his goodness! I can't shre this video on the Blog b/c it is too long, but just trust me when I say, it is precious!

Leaving the orphange once we go there is really hard for my Precious Peruvian, and I know why. Oh how she is soooo incredibly loved there! I have to be a little honest here, I kind of don't want to leave these wonderful people either! They are just great! But, after a little protests and some help from the director we left. My wonderful hotel has provided me a great driver, his name is Isaac and he then took us to buy a jacket! Yes, she has 3 of them in her closet at home, but the Weather Channel lies.... it is cold here A LOT!! If you are standing in direct sunshine, it isn't too bad, but other than that, it is COLD! So, I went to buy little one a jacket and some wool stockings to keep her little legs warm! Then we came back to our hotel for lunch and a siesta! Yes, Mama too.... we all know siesta is Mama's favorite time of day too.... she should have been born in Spain! :-) But, after our siesta and a little snack we walked a couple of blocks to the Plaza de Armas and saw the pigeons.... tomorrow we'll feed them, but she loved them! Then it was time for dinner... still not going into restaurants, I sat on the stoop outside while they cooked my meal and they brought it to me in the door! :-) Maybe one day I will convince her to go in! :-) Then home to Skype with Grammie again and then off to bed. Tonight was an hour getting her to go to sleep, but things are so different for her right now, and she has to check everything out and be sure Mama is still here, and so on!

So again, thank you for your prayers for another great day! Tomorrow the psychologist will come for a visit at 11:30 and then a Dr's appointment in the afternoon! Thank goodness that Dr's still make house calls here.... it is AWESOME! She has had a cold, bt this is standard part of the Family placement time which officially begins tomorrow! As things continue to go well, this will last 7 days and then the Adoption Resolution is signed! Please continue to pray for our attachment and bonding, she is doing great and saying new things each day, so pray for this to continue! Please also continue to pray that God will give me wisdom, strength and courage in knowing what to do and when to do it! There is so little that I have to tell her "No" to, that sometimes I think I forget how! :-) But, I am sure more of that will come later! :-)
Love & Blessings and Praise Him for another great day with my little one!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

¡Oh Mamá!

Oh! What sweet words to hear! And, I get to hear them A LOT! While this is sweet music to this Mama's ears, it is also a really good sign of attachment! She did REALLY well today! She wasn't real sure about leaving again this morning, she knows. She knows that something is going on, and while she can't voice it, she knows. And, who wouldn't want to have a Mama at the only place they know and love!?!? I would! So, please continue to pray for my little one! And, pray for those who have loved and cared for her since she was born, they are so happy she has found a "Forever Mama", but I know it breaks their hearts to see her go! And, it breaks my heart for them. Several times today I was brought to tears just thinking of them.... thinking of the director who loves her so, watch her leave with me in a taxi. Tomorrow we will probably all be crying! Pray that I can hold it together for my little one as she needs to know stability and security, not sadness! And, while I am overjoyed with my little one, I am sad for her all at the same time.

Well, let me tell you a little about my day as a full time Mama! Once we left, we came to the hotel and listened to some music ( her most FAVORITE thing to do!), and as God would have it.... the CD I had was full of songs she already knew... PERFECT! Then I changed her clothes, well some of them. I really wanted to be sure what I had for her would fit her! Some did and some was too big, believe it or not! :-) But, we got dressed and walked about outside for about an hour. I then stopped at this little café that I ate at yesterday, she would NOT go in! I have no idea why, she had gone in other stores, but wanted nothing to do with this place.... who knows? It was a little dark in there and I think that scared her. So, I placed my order and we walked for some more. When it was ready I stood at the door and paid at the door, no lie.... I was standing in the street digging out money! Oh my! Thank the Good Lord for his protection! Although, things here are really pretty safe, it was still something that isn't always the best judgement.... but terrorize my child or take my chances on some money.... well, I chose to take the chances on my money! :-) We then moved on and she was fine! I was finally able to convince her that we weren't going inside this place... oh well, no more "Inka Fe" food for a while! :-)

All in all her first day out and about has been a great one! After a very long nap.... for both of us!.... she wanted to go back out and walk around some more, so we did! I am trying to take it slow so as not to overwhelm her, but she loves being outside! She is a complete doll and again today said hello to some strangers. She doesn't like it much when they approach her and touch her, but if they allow her on her own terms she will say Hello! We made dinner at the hotel, some soup and sandwich, and she had some chips.... my girl loves her some potato chips! I can't wait to get back to the baked lays! :-). She got to Skype with Grammy tonight, she thought it was the best thing ever!! She laughed, touched the screen where her face was, said Hello and blew her kisses! Sooooo sweet! Hopefully tomorrow we can skype a little bit more. Then it was time for bedtime--- actually way past time! But, I got to surprise her with stars and the moon on her ceiling here at the hotel, just like in her room at the orphanage! Thank you Aunt Mary & Uncle Jack ---- she LOVED it! It took her a while to fall asleep because she kept saying "Mamá, la luna, la luna!" The director also sent with her, a gigantic Minnie Mouse (fake one) tha she adores and she said goodnight to it a million times and played her little love bug.... then finally drifeted off to sleep! Mama won't be too far behind her, as tomorrow will be another day of surprises!
All in all, the first day of full time Mamahood has been wonderful..... still learning a LOT, but wonderful! The only stinky part is the ddiaper! :-) Love & Blessings to you all! Praise the Lord with me for another good day and pray for tomorrow!

PS If anyone can tell me why these sippy cups with the straws pour out the contents, not just a little drip her or there, I mean LEAK... please let me know what I am doing wrong! :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Full Time Mama Eve

Thank you all for the prayers, please keep them coming! My little one was a feeling a little better today, but still not so great, so I spent the day at her home rather than trying to bring her out! She was doing much better today than yesterday though and we walked around the neighborhood 3 times today, and one time completely of her own desire, not because I made her. This is a GREAT thing. The other day when I took her out, she did really well, but yesterday she didn't want anything to do with it, but was ok after we got outside. This morning I had to kind of encourage her strongly, but then this afternoon, she put her coat on and helped me put her shoes on and was ready to Go! She has continued to allow me to do things for her, she gives me hugs and kisses and kisses me on the hand, which for children here is a really big deal! I know it is strange to us, and I honestly didn't think much about it until the directo saw her give me a kiss on the hand and told me what a big deal it was! I stayed and put her to bed. She immediately went down, but then I went back in to check on her and sit with her a bit and even though the lights were off, the minute she heard my voice she said "Mama!"/ It was really sweet! I sang to her for a bit and she learned a new song... Amazing Grace.... and she tried singing it with me. By the third verse she had down the notes almost perfectly... not the words, but the inntonations.... and she has pretty close to perfect pitch for a 3 year old! I know I sound like a bragging Mama... and I am! But, honestly it is AMAZING what she can do! Tonight, I think she made up her own song while I was getting her ready for bed! The director didn't know what she was singing and neither did I, but it was beautiful to this Mama's ears anyway!

Well, tomorrow is the day that I become a full time Mama! Oh! Please pray for me1 It is one thing to go and spend days with her with the help of her caregivers and my SW who would take pictures, etc.... but it might be an entirely different thing when I have to do it all alone1 Please pray for God to give me wisdom and strength and for my immune system to kick in and fight this cold so it doesn't become a sinus infection or worse! For those of you who know what last year was like, this is a HUGE request! Also, please pray for her to have resiliency and lots of it over the next few days to 3 weeks! She, when she is feeling well, is willing to go anywhere with me, she holds tightly to my fingers and I think she would walk for hours without complaining.... but there will come a day in the next few that she realizes she won't be returning to the only place she has ever known! I can only imagine how hard that is for a 3 year old to do! I have a hard time with it already, and it isn't even me who is having to go through it.... but I hurt for her! She is young and will bounce back, but she sometimes has a delicate disposition and there are likely to be some tough days ahead. Please pray for God to have MERCY in those days! Anyhow, tomorrow, I will go get her, bring her back to our hotel (her new home for the next 2 weeks) and if she does well, we'll go out for a bit. Then Monday, I sign the papers to take her into legal custoday. Please pray for this day, it is going to be very hard for her caregivers and the director becuase they have had her from birth. While they are so happy that she has a Forever Family, they are sad too! Last night one of her caregivers and I just cried and cried, she said the sweetest things to me, and thanked me for being a Mama for my little one! Oh, so hard! They are the only family my little one has ever known... so please pray for all of us b/c my heart breaks for my daughter and for them!
Agian, thank you for your continued prayers! And, praise the Lord with me for the amazing thing HE has done int he bonding of my little one to me! PLEASE continue to pray for this too! Praise HIM that she was willing to leave today on her own, not because Mama wanted her to! She wanted to! And, praise HIM for the sweet spirit that she has, she loves to share and to give hugs and kisses! Another huge praise.... she said Hello to strangers at least 2 times today. I prompted her to, and she did! I couldn't believe it and neither could the director! HUGE!
Praises & Blessings!

Sorry, no new pictures today, my wonderful picture taker had to go back to Lima today! Hopefully tomorrow!